4 Steps To Manage Emotional Eating

Have you ever been stuck in an emotional eating cycle? Have you ever turned to food to escape an uncomfortable feeling or as a way to self-soothe? You’re not alone.
Before diving into the topic of emotional eating any further, I want us to acknowledge one thing: we are all emotional beings. This means that sometimes, we will want and eat out of comfort, out of stress or to simply bring us back to our childhood. This doesn’t make you an emotional eater. The key is being aware that this is happening and not allowing yourself to feel guilty about it afterward. 
If however, a pattern emerges and you notice yourself frequently turning to food to disconnect and numb your emotions, then it may be time to pay closer attention to what is happening.
In today’s video, I share four steps to help you get a handle on emotional eating following the simple J.U.M.P. protocol we use in practice at MN. Check it out below.



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Do you identify as an emotional eater? What strategies have you used to help you get a handle on this pattern? Share your story in the comment section below. Remember, your words may inspire another reader to take action in their own life as well.

Finally, if this resonated with you today, thank you for sharing with a friend. And if you’ve implemented the tips discussed today and are still feeling in over your head, reach out to us today. There is no reason to go through this alone and a professional support system may be just what you need.



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