4 ways to motivate yourself to be healthy

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Motivation is a funny thing and sometimes feels like your flakey friend: loud, vocal, always promising you the world but when the going gets tough, she’s nowhere to be found. Turns out when you check-in, she had the best of intentions but had completely forgotten about your plans and genuinely feels terrible.

The truth is, you can’t blame motivation for the no-show, because the blame is on you. You know better.

You and motivation go way back. You’ve been friends forever and you know how she can be. You know very well that if you don’t follow-up with her, send her a reminder and the specific details for your plans, chances are she won’t be there. 

For your friendship with motivation to last, you need to come to terms with her nature.  She likes to be reminded of her purpose, she needs to have an environment to thrive in and she needs to be told the details of where she’s going and how to get there. Do this and she’ll support you like nobody else.

Today’s tips are meant to help you and motivation stay as close as can be. Think of these tips as healthy cheerleaders, strategically placed in and around your home so as to say:

“Hey! Remember that commitment you made to yourself at the beginning of the year? We still on for that? Great. Now let’s get to work!”


  1. Organize your kitchen for health 


Why this works 

Our environment has a huge influence on what and how much we eat. That means that no matter how many nutrition books you’ve got under your belt, if your kitchen isn’t stocked with the right foods or organized in the right way, your willpower will gas-out fast. Play the odds in your favour by organizing your kitchen for health, making eating well the only natural thing to do.


  • Make healthy items visible, by keeping them at eye-level in your pantry and fridge
  • Keep a clear container of ready-to-eat veggies at eye-level in the fridge
  • Transfer foods to clear, glass, stackable jars. This creates space, keeps foods fresh, keeps you inspired and reminds you of what you have
  • Create healthy snack sections in your refrigerator and pantry with pre-determined snacks such as nuts, fruit, yogurt or pieces of cheese.

2. Make edible arrangements 


Why this works

Having good food in the fridge isn’t always enough. Sometimes, we need to take it one step further and get the fruit washed, ready-to-eat and out on the counter for you and your family to see. The bonus? This serves as an ever-changing decorative piece that instantly makes your room more colourful and inviting.


Choose a decorative bowl and make it the focal point of your kitchen. The idea is for it to catch your eye and act as a stop-sign as you enter the space. Next, fill it up with your favourite ready-to-eat seasonal fruit:

  • Clementines
  • Oranges
  • Apples
  • Pears or any others that you love

3. Create a live inspiration board 


Why this works

As an avid pinner myself, I still find the experience of creating a physical inspiration to board that can be displayed at home very inspiring. I have on in my office for work  but have many of my clients create boards for their own personal journeys.


  • Buy a pin board or create your own by buying cork board at your local hardware store, glueing it to a cardboard and inserting into an old picture frame or window frame. Then start pinning!
  • Go through old magazines and books to gather quotes you want to live by.
  • Look for images that speak to you, that excite you and make you feel passionate and committed to your journey. Photos of individuals who are supporting you in your journey (family members, children, professionals) can serve as a reminder that they’re there for you when you need them.
  • A word of caution when it comes to pictures: if you are working on a health or weight-related goal this year, don’t make the mistake of pinning pictures of other women or men’s bodies. It is never realistic to set the expectation to look like anyone else but YOU. You may find it motivating to pin photos of washboard abs and modelesque figures, but this kind of comparison is not bringing you any closer to loving your body. Instead, pin a photo of yourself, looking your happiest. Because in the end, that’s who you’re doing this for, isn’t it?

4. Immortalize your goals using home decor


Why this works

Rather than accumulating knickknacks, let your home decor serve a greater purpose by using it to create an inspiring space. 


  • Frame your goals! Set your frame on your nightstand, coffee table or anywhere visible to serve as a reminder of what you are working towards each and every day. Make it a point to check-in with yourself at the start or end of each day asking yourself whether you’ve done or are planning to set in motion an activity that will bring you closer to these goals. This is a fun exercise to do with your family to learn about each others goals and create a support and accountability wall. Click HERE to download the framable 5×7 goal template pictured above. 
  • Prop your daily journal on a cookbook stand, kept open to the day’s date in your home office. Use this reminder to map out your day before it begins, ensuring your plan includes time to move your body, take care of your body and live your day with guided purpose.
  • Find a word, mantra or saying the inspires you and display it in your home. There are tons of shapes and materials you can use to give this display some character but if you’re looking for a quick and inexpensive way to do this, simply print out your saying and set it in a gallery frame. 
  • Remember:  We don’t want these pieces to become part of a decor that you walk by and completely ignore. For motivation to be consistently fuelled, we must make it a habit and routine to stop, reflect and interact with each piece.




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