My Market Haul


Many people cringe at the thought of stocking up on fruits and vegetables for they week. Grocery shopping can feel like a chore – I get it. But if you hope to build a lifelong, positive relationship with food and your body, it’s important to find ways to build positivity into all your food-related experiences, including shopping for your food. Which is why I love the market. It breaks the routine of mindlessly grocery-carting your way through the store and huffing and puffing at the long lines at the checkout counter. Heading to market at this time of year, when the fresh seasonal fare is flooding the stands, will leave you inspired and excited to whip up nourishing meals for yourself and your family. 

And so, to get the inspiration started, I thought I would share with you what I picked up on my weekend market haul and hope it can motivate you to head down for yourself.

My Market Haul


Markets in your area

The harsh reality is that many places (some much closer than you may think) do not have access to fresh produce. Which is why we should be thankful and not take our markets for granted! Here are some resources to help you pinpoint markets and local fare in your area.

I want to hear from you

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7 Responses to My Market Haul

  1. Can’t wait to see your recipes ???
    I’m off to Granville Island Market today – Thanks for the inspiration to eat healthy ! BIG serving of lasagna with red wine last night so body needs veggies now ???

  2. I’d also like to see how you’ll be cooking those veggies. I’ve never used beets or colrabi(?). As for the carrots, how about slicing them into rounds and roasting them with garlic and a touch of maple syrup?
    I’ve got to find some of those heirloom tomatoes. Regular tomatoes taste like potatoes lately.

  3. I just got a veggie spiralizer and I bet those carrots would be beautiful and yummy spiralized into a salad 🙂

    I’d also love to see more videos! More food prep, healthy recipe ideas, anything. Some inspiration for Fall would be great – I’ll be going apple picking soon, any ideas for what to do with a ton of delicious apples? They last a long time, and I usually make a few dozen into applesauce I freeze…other ideas very welcome!

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