Stop waiting for the jeans to fit

Feeling good is the goal.

Have you ever hung onto a pair of jeans that no longer fit, hoping they would serve as motivation? Perhaps you’re holding back from buying a bold outfit because you don’t feel worthy of it…yet.

I’ve heard it countless times. Waiting for the jeans to fit or for the scale to go down to serve as the external validation you needed to feel good in your skin.

But let me ask you, has this EVER worked in your favour? Has holding onto to clothes that don’t fit you well or that you don’t feel confident in ever made you feel better about yourself or any more likely to engage in healthy behaviour?

Here’s the thing, although fitting into the jeans or losing the 7 extra pounds may seem like the goal, it’s not.

The ultimate goal is to feel good in your skin, isn’t it? Which begs the question, how long will you spend waiting to finally feel good about yourself? What if we changed things and decided to start working on body confidence FIRST?

That’s precisely what I discuss in today’s video and something to think about when it’s time to declutter that closet!


I want to hear from you…

Do you hold back from buying clothes you want because you don’t think you should? Are you holding onto an old pair of jeans so they motivate you towards your goal?



2 Responses to Stop waiting for the jeans to fit

  1. Wow, it is like the universe heard me and sent me your post. This is EXACTLY what I was doing. I have hung onto a stupid pair of shorts that I got before my son was born. A set of twins later and I am STILL trying to fit into them as a “goal”. I love this post. I am literally throwing them out now! So freeing. Thanks for this super timely post. It came at the perfect time.

    • They say the right book falls off the shelf when we’re ready for it. I guess you were just ready to toss this old mindset! Go girl! Now off you go finding something you feel fabulous in 😉

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