Fertility topics you can discuss:

  • Nutrition when trying to conceive (TTC)
  • Nutrition when undergoing assisted reproductive treatments (ART)
  • Nutrition when undergoing in-vitro fertilization (IVF)
  • Nutrition and egg health
  • Nutrition and sperm health
  • Nutrition to optimize fertility hormones and ovulation
  • Nutrition for uterine health


Fertility nutrition with your dietitian:

  • How to create a balanced diet pre-conception
  • Food sources of key fertility nutrients
  • How to optimize outcomes of fertility treatments through lifestyle
  • Supplementation recommendations to optimize your nutrition
  • Fertility risk factors and foods to avoid pre-conception



  • Fresh mint tea 🍵 One of my favourite parts to a summer evening routine. Delicious, relaxing and also nice for digestion. Find the how-to in story highlights 🍃
  • Guys, we need to  talk recipe paralysis. Yes, it’s a THING. 
We’ve never been more flooded with “inspiration” and simultaneously paralyzed in the kitchen. It’s an interesting thing.

When I think back to when I was younger, I remember the rotation of family meals. After a few weeks, the same recipes came back. And it didn’t bother me. In fact, I appreciated the tradition, found it comforting.

I think about how this constant need for NEWness and variety may be taking away from our family traditions.

You should be able to name 5 recipes off the top of your head that you make for yourself or your family right now. If you can’t, then this is your first assignment to building a family recipe bank.

The goal is to create a list of 5 (ideally 10) recipes. Think of them like the “little black dresses” of your weekly dinners. They don’t fail.

Criteria: 🌿Must be easy to prepare
🌿Must have made it before and gotten good reviews
🌿Must be nutritious 
When you’re done, stick this list somewhere and whenever you’re feeling stuck, refer to it!  That simple 💕
  • Treat them like flowers and they will stay fresher longer 🌸! Place asparagus and herbs in a tall container with water, cover with a mesh bag and store in the fridge.// Traitez-les comme des fleurs et ils demeureront frais plus longtemps 🌹. Placez vos herbes fraîches ou asperges dans un contenant avec un peu d’eau, couvrez-le d’un petit sac et conservez-les au frigo.
  • What kind of fats are in your kitchen?

As a general rule, you should aim to get MOST of your fat from whole foods (such as nuts, seeds and avocados) SOME of your fat from unprocessed oils (such as EVOO, virgin coconut oil, avocado oil) and the LEAST of your fat from processed, packaged or prepared foods. 🌿

Fat is important for flavour, to help you feel full and for healthy bowel movements among many other things. So having them on hand is key for tasty meals and a happy body 🥑

These are some of my favourite fat-rich foods. Note that I only keep small amounts of nuts and seeds in the pantry, I store the bulk of them in the freezer to maintain freshness. 👍🏻 What are some of your favourite fat-rich foods? .

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  • Organization tip ahead! ⚠️ To help keep your kitchen clutter free and make meal prep more streamline, raid your pantry, freezer & fridge on a regular basis 🗓 🧼 Empty everything out and clean your pantry/freezer/fridge with soapy water 🧀 Spread out the contents & toss items that are expired and items you don’t recognize 🥫 Group unused non-perishables & donate to your local food bank 🥗 Return items in an organized manner, grouping similar items together (remember: keep like with like!) - organizing bins are a great way to help achieve this 🍞 Restock your pantry/freezer/fridge with the basics

Tag a friend to help you with this👇🏼😜