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We are a private nutrition practice with a whole food and integrative approach to health. Nourish your cells, eat mindfully and discover how good your body is designed to feel.

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  • How to stop emotional eating
  • How I Prep For Baby and Me
  • Gut-loving chocolate oats

Everytime you invest in your health, you help someone in need.

Motive Nutrition partners with local and international organizations for outreach work in women’s wellness, food security, girl empowerment and improvement of food literacy among children.

  • Screenshot and tag your fitness friend for your weekend plans! What’s it going to be? 💃🏻
  • Greek yogurt hummus 🌱
This high-protein Greek yogurt hummus is creamy, satisfying and perfect for weekday snacking. Who’s making it this weekend?! 👋🏻😋
  • Don’t forget to have a high-protein, high-fiber snack. Your future self will thank you. As well as any significant other. #hangry
  • This shredded Brussels sprout, chicken and cherry salad will take your lunchbox from zero to hero. Recipe on the blog today 🥗//Nouvelle recette de salade au chou de Bruxelles, poulet et cerises sur le blogue aujourd’hui. Superbe pour les lunchs 🥗
  • Knife skills 101🍎
Slicing, dicing, chopping...Many people cringe when recipes call for too much time at the chopping block. 👩🏻‍🍳
Now I’m not super skilled, but learning and practicing basic knife skills have turned slicing and dicing into something meditative and fun. It relaxes me rather than stress me. 😌
Practicing your knife skills and getting in the zone the next time you’re at the chopping block will make you more efficient at meal prep and will make your food taste better, too. Give it a try!
Tip: Don’t hold the knife like a hammer. 🙅🏻‍♀️ Instead, pinch the blade and wrap your fingers around the handle. You’ll have much better control this way. 👍🏻